How about a lift from the NYX eyebrow Push-Up Bra?

NYX Eye brown Push-Up Bra on brows

How do you feel about shine brows?


My gut reaction when I saw the NYX eyebrow Push-Up Bra pencil ($10) was a big, fat OH, hell YEA! I’ve most likely used shine just about all over else, so I figure brows won’t be that much of a stretch.

The dual-tipped eyebrow Push-Up Bra, called that since of exactly how it’s expected to lift brows, is one of five autumn products from NYX to shape, define as well as highlight eyebrows. The side with the darker tip, the one for defining sparse areas, sports a sheer taupe with silver glitter; the other side’s a creamy, peachy pink that appears to lift the brows when used below the arch (also works as a brow highlighter).

The definer’s silver shines aren’t precisely what I’d phone call in-your-face glitter. They’re barely noticeable, really, which might either be great or bad, depending upon your point of view. I was expecting a bit much more oomph!, however I assumption without it the pencil’s really much more wearable.


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See exactly how sharp the definer suggestion looks in the picture? It likewise feels difficult against my skin, as well as since of exactly how sheer the pigment is it takes a number of layers to adequately fill in my “ghost brows.” In other words, if you’re a fill-and-go girl, this may not be your perfect brow pencil. Yeah, it’s been a tad aggravating to use.

One advantage, however, of sheer pencils such as this one is control. Lighter layers imply having much more manage over exactly how light/dark you go, as well as if you’re a newcomer to brow filling as well as don’t want to look like Morticia Adams, a sheer pencil such as this might be a great location to start.

I get the feeling from the taupe definer suggestion that NYX was trying to pick a universal shade, something that would work for many skin tones, mine not included. On me this specific taupe has a awesome gray tint, as well as one that I’m scared may lead strangers to refer to me as “ma’am” instead of “miss.” BOO!

The highlighting suggestion is much creamier as well as pigmented than the definer, as well as it appears like a overall ripoff of Benefit’s High Brow lifting Pencil ($20), except in a warmer, darker shade.

NYX was kind sufficient to include a few photos with the directions on the box (see below). complying with them, I get a subtle brow lift, however every bit bit helps.

If NYX offered the highlighting suggestion individually as well as charged $5 instead of $10, I’d stock up, since I believe the color is a better match to my skin tone than High Brow’s shade, as well as I’d be able to get four of them for $20 instead of one. Plus, I believe it has a somewhat much more pigment, yet it’s even simpler to blend.

Swatches on NC35 skin: eyebrow Push-Up Bra Brow Pencil (left) as well as Highlighter (right)

Eyebrow Push-Up Bra Highlighter (left) as well as benefit High Brow (right)

Clockwise from upper left: naked brow; filled in brow as well as unblended highlighter; filled in brow with mixed highlighter

Without filled brows as well as highlighter (left) as well as with (right)

If you’re interested, brace yourself for some poor news, though. I had a difficult time tracking down the eyebrow Push-Up Bra. It offered out last week on the NYX website, as well as according to the business won’t be offered once again on the internet up until mid-January (yikes!).

If you area it somewhere, please share in the comments to assist anybody reading who’d like to provide it a try.

LOL, it’s like a makeup Yeti…


PRICE: $10
AVAILABILITY: Limited. might be offered out on the NYX site with mid-January 2011
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