Unsung makeup Heroes: Bobbi brown Peach Corrector

Bobbi brown Peach Corrector, $23
I’ve been having one of those Mondays where everything’s been going…great!

Don’t you just love those?


They’re few and far between, let me tell ya, but I’ll take it. Some Mondays I don’t feel ready for the weekend to end or for the workweek to start, but I’ve been in in a pretty good groove so far today.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the heat… It’s practically 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Novato best now!

Seriously, I think it’s making me loopy because I’m smiling from ear to ear…


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

I was viewing a mama bird feed one of her little ones in the oak tree by my window this morning as I applied under-eye concealer and randomly started singing, “The hills are aliiiiive, with the sound of musiiiiiic!”

The concealer was Bobbi Brown’s bad@ss Peach Corrector. My dark under-eye situation has been triple-rainbow intense lately. I’m officially in my (gulp) late thirties now, and the purplish, bluish dark circles under my eyes have become something of a mainstay of my looks, haha.

Shoot, last night I even got 10 hours of sleep — 10 marvelous HOURS! — and I still woke up with dark circles.

Thank goodness for Bobbi’s $23 miracle working Peach Corrector…

Totally worthy of hitting the pan
A creamy, opaque color-correcting concealer developed to be layered below your go-to under-eye concealer, it’s great if you get those real deal, Uncle Fester-caliber dark circles like moi. I use Peach, one of 16 shades in the line.

SHAZAM! It’s like waving a magic wand over my face. When I add it to my mix, I think I certainly look refreshed and considerably less tired, and that whole under-eye sitch looks brighter.

Most of the time I just wear it on its own with powder dusted on top (versus underneath another concealer), and it neutralizes the purple action. Heck, when I use it I think I even look a little younger (says the girl turning 38 in a few weeks, le sigh!).

I use a flat eye shadow brush or my fingers to apply it, and then run a tapered blending brush lightly across the top and along the edges. then I set that with plenty o’ powder.

Das ist es. keeps my circles hidden for 10-12 hours.

Die langlauf-unbesungene Heroes-Serie enthält einige meiner Lieblings-Collection-Produkte aus einer Vielzahl von mandanten Charme-Marken.


If you’re lighter or darker than I am, you might want something other than Peach. If so, here’s a useful color guide…

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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